CAUGHT: Only 10% of women have been caught cheating

Women (and men) cheat for a number of reasons.

A recent survey by Superdrug revealed .

Meanwhile, the survey of 2,000 Europeans and Americans said the main reason why women cheat is because their partner stopped paying attention to them.

But who do women cheat with?

The survey revealed that nearly half of women (41%) who have cheated, had the affair with a friend.

This was also the same with men, with 33% of men admitting to cheating on their partner with a friend.

Other men the women said they cheated with were a colleague (33.3%), someone they met “out and about” (17.5%) and someone they met in a bar (12.4%).

Only 4.9% of women who have had an affair met their illicit partner on a dating app, while 14.9% of men met their partners on there.

Some of the respondents said they didn’t “cheat” per say, but they got close.

A quarter of women (27.8%) admitted to getting very emotionally close with someone else and 18.7% said they went on a date with someone as “friends”.

Over 16% of women admitted to kissing someone else and 3.7% of women had vaginal intercourse – and counted this as not cheating.

This is despite the fact that 99% of women and 97% of men surveyed considered vaginal intercourse as cheating.

Of the European women surveyed, 60.4% said their partner has never found out about their affair, 28.9% told their partner and 10.7% said their partner found out.

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