Jenny Mollen left little to the imagination on Thursday, June 8, when she shared a revealing pregnancy selfie on Instagram.

The actress, 38, posed fully nude for the photo, covering very little with the palm of her hand. The Live Fast Die Hot author — who she shares son Sid, 3, with husband Jason Biggs — captioned her post, “Wanna make out and talk about my placenta previa? #22weeks”

Mayo Clinic states that placenta previa happens when “a baby’s placenta partially or totally covers the mother’s cervix – the outlet for the uterus.” Mullen doesn’t seem all that concerned, even though “placenta previa can cause severe bleeding during pregnancy and delivery.”

Mollen announced the couple’s second pregnancy via an Instagram photo back in April, which showed her using a Fridababy NoseFrida snotsucker on Biggs, 38. The actress cleverly captioned the photo, “This is how I told my son babies are made.”

Shortly after sharing the news, Mollen took to Instagram again to embrace the challenges of pregnancy and poke fun at her experience with nausea. The Crazy, Stupid, Love star posted a video — captured by her husband — of her throwing up in a garbage can. “I’m a super fun date these days…” she wrote in the April 5 caption.

The best-selling author revealed the sex of her through a hilarious Instagram post in April. “To quote Beyonce, “‘I have two penises’” (not twins. Just mine and the one inside me.) #itsaboy” Mollen shared with her followers.

A self-proclaimed social media addict, Mollen admitted to Cosmopolitan in 2015, “Very few things are off-limits for me. If something’s really out there, I’ll run it by Jason, but sometimes he’s not around, so I’ll post it and then hear about it later.” 

Known for her bold moves (remember when she shared the photo of him using the toilet?), she also confessed, “Sometimes I’ll have a photo of [Jason] on my phone and he’ll say, ‘You’re not allowed to post that.’ But then I usually do.”

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