ODD: These strange things can happen after you orgasm

The word “orgasm” is usually associated with pleasure. Yet for some it can be associated with severe fatigue, sneezing and even hallucinations.

This is all part of the “peri-orgasmic phenomena” which in scientific literature has been called an unusual side effect to the normal orgasmic response.

A , along with increased heart rate and flushing.

Psychological effects of a normal orgasm can include feelings of happiness, love and relaxation but with peri-orgasm phenomena, there can be some very strange side effects.

These include the following: 

1. Hallucinations

Of the 50 women who claimed to experience “expanded sexual response” (hallucinations) nearly all of them noted a flying experience or a sensation of flight a study from Turkey revealed.

A quarter of the women (24%) said they entered a cartoon world and 75% felt like they left their bodies.

2. Crying

can include tearfulness, melancholy feelings, depression, anxiety and agitation.

These symptoms can appear up to an hour after sex and often occur in stable relationships.

A 2011 study found one in three university students reported experiencing at least one symptom of postcoital dysphoria at least once.

The reason behind the crying could be down to a biological reflex to the orgasm or she may feel lonely after the intimacy of sex is done.

3. Weakness

The sudden onset of weakness that occurs with orgasm is called orgasmolepsy.

The first case of this was reported in 1928 and usually occurs with other sleep disorders. The symptoms generally last for under 30 seconds and can include a complete loss of muscle control.

4. Headache

and could be caused by the adrenaline rush that occurs during climax.

These headaches can either be a dull ache or a sudden, severe throbbing headache.

5. Sneezing

The reason some people sneeze after an orgasm is because a part of the parasympathetic nervous system activated during climax which can cause sneezing.

One case from 1972 detailed how a 59-year-old man developed sever sneezing and a runny nose after an orgasm – this lasted for a decade.

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